Adolescent DBT skills group for girls 14-18

waitingroomDialectical Behavior Therapy is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy designed to treat individuals with difficulty regulating emotions and behaviors. The goals of this treatment are to replace problem behaviors with more adaptive ways of coping with distress and to help individuals create a life worth living. DBT is considered an effective therapeutic approach for teens who exhibit the following types of behaviors: Difficulty regulating emotions (chronic moodiness, extreme reactivity, sensitivity to environmental triggers) Suicidal thoughts or attempts Impulsive behaviors (self-injury, purging, substance use) Chaotic relationships with peers and adults Sense of emptiness or confusion about self Family conflicts

Group Details
Issues: Child or Adolescent, Chronic Impulsivity, Emotional Disturbance
Treatment Orientation: Dialectical (DBT)
Age: Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)
Session Cost:  $50
To learn more, call 484-588-4131 or email Doree Putnam-Baker.


Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention 
Many people can stop or reduce their substance use but maintaining that change can prove challenging. After a while, some people lapse back to their old patterns and habits of using. This can be due to a range of different reasons and while it is very common, it can mean people lose hope.

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention is an 8-week group program that combines mindfulness practices with cognitive behavioral strategies to help people prevent or manage relapse.

The Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention program will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about and practice:

  • Increased awareness of triggers and habits
  • Changing our reaction to discomfort, cravings and urges
  • Building a lifestyle that supports these changes
  • Location: Mifflin Counseling Group 122 W. Lancaster Ave, STE 203 Shillington PA 19607
  • Cost: $50 per week (Many insurances accepted) CD and resource folder included.

Contact 484-388-6188 for more information.